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*except my first Batik's exhibition on textiles in 2000.
I will add new exhibits and perhaps any other groupings of work that mark phases or themes.


Zen Tiger X
24" x 24 " Oil / Canvas
By Skot MacDougall

Zen Tiger X
44"x 38" Oil / Canvas
By Skot MacDougall

Exploring abstract  tonal  space and animal patterns relationships

Flying Dragon
Commissioned Painting
48 " x 36 "  Acrylic /Masonite
By Skot MacDougall

Commissioned by L.Grant Sarnia Ont.

Buddha Stone
54" x 50 " Oil /canvas
By Skot MacDougall 
Owner : S.Dimitropoulos Sarnia Ont.

I used this photo with myself included to show size of a 54" x 50 " painting, these larger sizes are becoming more frequent in my work,I like how they really add atmosphere or energy to a room.


Zen Tiger IX

Zen Tiger  IX
Oil/ Canvas
24 " x 20 "


Sun Rise in Fall III

I recently  photographed this previously sold painting , done around  2002.
  Third in the series or continuance of the Sun Rise in Fall series, I like the idea of the composition  and colours so as is my habit when I like basic elements of a painting I design I often revisit the same idea and translate it again , its interesting to see how it evolves over time or just doing the painting again, its a process I enjoy..

Sun Rise in Fall  III
24 " x 32 "
Acrylic / Canvas

Sold...  J. Adey  Sarnia


Zen Tiger Series

Zen Tiger  VIII
24 " X  20 "
Oil / Canvas

Zen Garden Series

Bronze Buddha II
36 " x 44 "
 Oil / Canvas

Sold   :  K. Johnson   Sarnia Ont.


Magnolia Buddha

Zen Garden series
Magnolia Buddha  290513
Oil / Canvas    47 " x 38 "
Sold :  L. Grad   Toronto   Ont.

Tiger VII

Tiger VII  140308
Oil / Canvas    47" x 38 "
Sold :  M. Quigley   Sarnia  Ont.


Zen Tiger VI

Zen Tiger VI    030513
22 " X  20 "   Oil / Canvas
Sold :    B. Stevenson   Sarnia   Ont.


Zen Tiger Series

Zen Tiger II
47" x 36 "   Oil / Canvas

Sold  :    B.  Stewart     Brights Grove   Ont.


Field of Clover

Field of Clover III
24 " x  30 "   Oil / Canvas
Skot MacDougall

Sold    L. Mahau    Sarnia


Zen Tiger Series

Tiger III  280313
Zen Tiger Series
47" x 36 "  Oil / Canvas

Sold    I. Weber    Brights Grove Ontario


Zen Tiger series

Tiger V  160413
11" x 14 "  Oil / panel

sold  K. Ure   Sarnia Ont


Zen Tiger Series

Tiger IV   090413
11" x 14 "  Oil /Panel

sold      M. Moreau  Ottawa Ontario


 Bronze Buddha  I

Bronze Buddha I
36 " x 44 "
Oil / Canvas

Sold   S. Dimitropoulos  Sarnia Ont.

This was the first painting in the Buddha  " Zen Garden " series that was exhibited for Sarnia's Artwalk June 2012, The painting was pretty much done in one sitting ...there is a deep richness to it that I relish.

Winter Land II

Winter Land II
18 " x 26 "
Acrylic / Canvas
Artist Collection

Older landscape recently photographed.


"Loaves and Fishes II " 181212
38" x 23 "  Oil on canvas
 Sold   Illia Heart   Petrolia Ontario
I enjoy revisiting old themes / compositions from my past and see how I would handle them in the present, this has happened often where some paintings have been redone up to three times all unique from each other although starting from the same beginnings Iam sure I have yet to revisit many more compositions Iam fond of.

 "The Opening III " 010912
44" x 36 "  Oil on Canvas
artist collection

 " Tiger I "  010812
47" x 36 "  Oil on canvas
Sold  R. & L. Mc Master   Camalachie Ontario

Exploring tones and animal camouflage relationships.


  Zen Garden Series

" The Opening " II    120517
60 " x  46 "   Oil / Canvas
Skot MacDougall

Owner :  M.Crone   Corunna Ontario

Second painting in the Zen Garden series another meditative integration into the natural truths around and within, hence the title "The Opening " .
  Zen Garden Series

"The Opening "  I    120516
Oil / Canvas     60 " x  46 "
Skot MacDougall

Owner : J. Mathers   Kanata Ontario

This is the first painting of the Zen Garden series painted for the annual Artwalk festival downtown Sarnia this past June, these are larger paintings then usual ,which offered me a lot of freedom to paint in and helped express to me a powerful expression or feel that I hoped to capture with the presence of the large stone face in the guise of Buddha a bigger then life transcendence into the journey within, I was pleased with the overwhelming response I received at my booth where familiar friends and family came to visit and always a pleasure to meet new friends whom find appreciation or solace in my paintings,  ...perhaps in today's rush and unpredictable world  ,  we may still find  truth and peace  through  natures beauty  and meditative focus on being still, eternal gifts to help us on our journey .
Riverbank II

Riverbank II   120112
11 X 14    Oil / Masonite
Skot MacDougall

Owner:  L. Matlovich  Sarnia Ontario

A small painting on masonite done at the beginning of the year , I shown this work at the recent Artwalk festival downtown Sarnia this past June 2-3 in spite of the uncertain weather it worked out very well with many friends and family coming to visit my booth, a very pleasent time thanks to those who came out and enjoyed Sarnia's big cultural arts and music festival .



Plum 1 110906
8'' x 10 ''  Oil  / Panel
Owner:  J. Grad   Camalachie  Ontario


Abstract Skyscapes....Snipets

Abstract Skyscape  201710
40 x 40 Acrylic Mural Detail
Blue Water Health Sarnia Ont.

Paintings from summer MMX ... To be more accurate these paintings are parts of one large mural, recently done for the Childrens Ward at Bluewater Health, Sarnia Ont. although the main theme and subject was of a more whimsical nature in the portrayal of storks carrying an elephant I thought the sky parts were done "painterly" and were in effect a continuance of the Daydreamscapes series  where imaginative wonderings lead to unknown destinations as the coarse of the painting process....I have several murals completed as to date and feel honored to be part of this noble institution we call Canadian Health care.


The Source

"The Source"   Daydreamscape series  
30" x 30" Acrylic / canvas 2004
C.O.  J. Cane  Sarnia
Donated to Tsunami Relief auction through Red Cross 2006

Late addition to the blog archive painted in 2004 , 


300809 Abstract Landscape

300809 Abstract Landscape
11 x 14 Oil / Masonite
c.o. a.c.


"Desert Flame " 250809

"Desert Flame" Abstract Landscape 250809
11 x 14 Oil / Masonite
c.o. a.c.
Download file here

" Riverbank" 240809

"River bank" Abstract landscape 240809
11 x 14 Oil / Macsonite
c.o. a.c.


Yellow Rose on Ledge 280809

Yellow Rose on Ledge 280809
11 x 14 oil /masonite
c.o. R. & J. Scribner  Ottawa


Flower on Ledge 260809

Flower on Ledge 260809
8 x 10 oil / masonite
c.o. a.c.


Abstract Landscape 140609

Abstract Landscape 140609
Oil/Masonite 8 x 10
c.o a.c
 This piece was accepted into Gallery Lambton's Bi-annual Look Show 2010 Art Exhibition,
 [ this is an outside juried art exhibition]
Gallery Lambton,   Sarnia Ontario.
Recieved * Honorable Mention

I entered two small oils into  2010 bi-annual juried show at Gallery Lambton, open to South Ontario and North Michigan artists , its a multi media  entry show , It seems in my opinion the  outside jurors 3 in total were looking for originality in the many entries of work, as noted by the shows content,and reasoning that  the piece entered not accepted was a still life study of a tangerine and peel. see link here.


29 06 09 Abstract Landscape 'Rose Buds"

"Rose Buds "
29 06 09 Abstract Landscape
Oil /Masonite  8 x 10
C.O.  S.  Dimitropoulos Sarnia


Stowaway series

070609 Stowaway series
8 x 10 oil /masonite
c.o. M.Upfold  Sarnia Ont.

Donated to the Derek Upfold benefit auction Dec 2009 Sarnia Ont.

I recently found this small piece behind some larger canvas's that I had forgotten about, evidently left to dry in a safe area.
The theme from 2008 Exhibit" Still and Life" is still current in my work, even older subjects lap over newer ones and some seem to get buried under more pressing ones, I return to favorite subjects often , for many reasons besides the subject or compositions I find it interesting by contrast of time and lessons learned,.. Good knowledge source found in reinterpreting subjects over again thru time, its self revealing on many levels by its context contrast,...also inspired paintings always inspire other paintings, I like the saying...follow the boucing ball.


Orange 1

Orange 1
8 x 10 Oil /Canvas 2009
c.o. R.& J. Scribner  Ottawa

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple
8 x 10 Oil / Canvas 2009
c.o. M.A. Mathers  Sarnia Ont.


Tangerine 2

Tangerine 2
8 x 10 Oil/canvas 2009
C.O. R.& J. Scribner  Ottawa  Ont.


Tangerine 1

Tangerine 1
8 x 10 Oil/canvas 2009
C.O. M.A. Mathers  Sarnia Ont.


Apple 1

" Apple 1 "
8 x 10 oil / canvas 2008
c.o. R.& J. Scribner  Ottawa Ont.


Pear 1

" Pear 1 "
8 x 10 oil /canvas 2008
c.o. a.c.


Masquerade IV

"Masquerade" IV
Oil / canvas 8 x 10 2008
c.o. a.c.
( Click on image to enlarge )

Skull IV

" Masquerade I "
8 x 10 oil/canvas 2008
c.o. a.c.

"Skull III"
8 x 10 oil /canvas 2008
c.o.  J. E. Kroon  Wallaceburg Ont.

Skull IV
8 x 10 oil/canvas 2008
c.o. V. Luyt  Sarnia Ont.


Skull with Butterfly

Skull with Butterfly I
8 x 10 acrylic /canvas 2008
 c.o. Corinne Schieman  Corunna Ont.

Skull I
8 x 10 acrylic/canvas 2008
c.o. S. Dimitropoulos  Sarnia Ont.

Dried Pomegranetes

Dried Pomegranetes Still life click all images to enlarge
11 x 14 acrylic/ masonite 2008
c.o. J. Holmes

Stowaway IV

Stowaway IV
8 X 10 oil/canvas 2008
Sold    J.& G. Rogers  Sarnia  

Stowaway III

Stowaway III
8 x 10 oil / canvas 2008
c.o. K. Knight  Nashville Tennessee U.S.